Are You Planning a Baby Shower?

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Tips for a Successful Baby ShowerTips for a Successful Baby Shower

As celebrations go, a baby shower can be the most joyful of occasions full of a sense of happy expectancy for the new baby's arrival. The baby shower is a recent addition to celebrations, becoming popular in the 1940s and 1950s. Over time, these celebrations have developed a set of accepted traditions. Here are some guidelines to help organize the perfect baby shower.

Customs for baby showers have changed with today's society. Traditionally, a more distant relative or close friend hosted the shower. Having a friend, cousin or aunt host the event meant that the family escaped looking like they were out to collect gifts. This rule doesn't apply anymore, and moms, sisters, and mother-in-laws are welcome choices to host a shower. Sometimes a group of people will decide to act as a team to host a baby shower to help with preparation and spread costs out a little.

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A surprise baby shower theme

If you want the baby shower theme to be a surprise, ask yourself how well you know the mother to be. There will be many people you will want to include on the guest list, and if you don't know her well enough or the friends and people in her life, you might accidentally leave someone important out. Enlist help from someone close to the new mother. If the baby shower isn't going to be a surprise, then you and the new mom should collaborate on the guest list.

Are you thinking about a co-ed baby shower rather than the traditional all-female baby shower? If the dad-to-be and other male guests are invited, will they be comfortable with the idea? Inviting male guests changes the entire tone of the celebration, and there are important things to think about. One of these considerations is baby shower games.

If you plan on baby shower games, you might want to make sure the ones chosen are friendly enough for mixed company. Some men feel comfortable sharing all of the aspects of the pregnancy, but for others, this may not feel natural. The mom-to-be or the future father should be able to tell you if this is a good idea or not. Should you opt for a co-ed baby shower, it's a good idea to keep the event a celebration and gathering of friends without too much emphasis on pregnancy.

Additional details for a successful showerAdditional details for a successful shower

Additional details for a successful baby shower include whether there will be a baby shower theme, how you will coordinate the theme with invitations and gifts, and how you will send out invitations. Will the invitations be handwritten, sent by email, or will you personally call each guest on the phone? All are acceptable methods, but written is the preferred method so that people have a reminder they can pin in plain view. There are many options available for the written invitation. Have a professional calligrapher write them for you, hire a graphic designer to create a design you can take to the printer, or make the invitations yourself using your computer.

As a final tip, don't be afraid to include everyone, even the guests, in the planning of the baby shower. By requesting guests to bring an item for the party, you can easily foster a feeling that everyone had a hand in the planning and success of the event. Each guest could be responsible for bringing an item for one of the baby shower games, or perhaps each guest could bring a favorite side dish or finger food that the new mother likes. The more the merrier, and that goes double for a baby shower.

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A Different Sort of Baby Shower

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A mother-to-be experiences lots of things in the nine months of pregnancy, and one of those is a baby shower. Celebrations for the impending arrival of a new baby, these types of showers are fun affairs for everyone.

Baby showers take some planning though, to pull the affair off right so that everyone has a great time. You can build a theme for the party, offer food, and make sure all the gifts are just what the guest of honor needs or likes.

Think that sounds tough? No way.