Are You Planning a Baby Shower?

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Baby Shower Supplies - Preparation For The PartyBaby Shower Supplies - Preparation For The Party

If you want to do something different and offer a personalized baby shower, why not try a welcoming shower instead? A welcoming baby shower is one where the shower is held after the birth rather than during the mother-to-be's pregnancy. There are many unique baby gift ideas out there made even more special with a personalized baby shower that allows gifts with the baby's name and date of birth added to them.

A personalized baby shower can have a theme that revolves around a scrapbook for the parents-to-be. This is a great baby shower idea that involves lots of guest participation. Invite relatives and guests to bring photos and share their memories to create a scrapbook.

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A lasting keepsake

A lasting keepsake with a baby's name and date of birth make a unique baby gift. Many retailers on the internet offer blankets and pillows woven with a photograph of the baby in the material. Furniture and jewelry are also popular choices, as are stuffed toys, silver frames and tiny spoons and bowls. Almost any item can be turned into personalized baby shower gifts.

Take the personalized baby shower theme on the road and have everyone meet at a paint-your-own pottery studio. The new family and guests can each make a special piece such as a plate, cookie jar, or commemorative item. The guests will love to participate in this baby shower idea. Any of these items will make a unique baby gift. When their creations are done, the guests present the family with a personalized baby shower gift, a complete set of custom baby dinnerware, and lots of smiles.

Baby basket giftsA video baby shower event

The new mother might live far away from most of her friends and relatives in a new area, making a personalized baby shower seem impossible. With today's electronic age, here's a great baby shower idea: A video baby shower event could be the perfect answer for a touching time between friends. Friends and family can get together to show off their gifts and give a special message in front of the video camera. Gifts can be mailed afterwards, and the video tape as well.

The personalized baby shower will never go out of style. Finding the right touch is easy, as nothing can be more personal than hosting a celebration for a loved one or friend. The new mother will appreciate the efforts and that people care about her enough to throw a party in honor of her baby.

Whatever type of personalized baby shower you choose, it is sure to be a big hit. Whether you hold the baby shower before or after the baby is born, you can still find many unique baby gift ideas that will touch the hearts of the new parents. What gives the event a personal touch is that you created it!

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A Different Sort of Baby Shower

For great ideas on baby showers that you can use for your event, click here:

If you have a close friend that is expecting a baby, you may want to plan a baby shower celebration. These types of parties are fun for everyone involved, but they do take some planning to pull the day off so that everyone smiles.

Ideas for games and themes for your celebration will help make the event a better one full of memories. Helping your invitees choose the right gifts for the new mother is important too.