Are You Planning a Baby Shower?

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The Unique Baby Shower The Unique Baby Shower

A unique baby shower can come in many different forms, limited only by the imagination of the host and guests of the new mother. You can easily add your personal touch to a particular theme or put a fun twist on some of the baby shower games. Making your own baby favors and baby shower decorations adds to the personalized atmosphere.

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The Theme Method

Finding out something about the new mother's family traditions could help set the tone for a unique baby shower theme. Discovering a piece of the new mother's past could provide the inspiration for a theme. Perhaps one of the grandmothers has a special family heirloom they would like to see passed down. A whole new tradition could begin by centering the theme around the heirloom.

Family traditions are a great place to start when looking for a unique baby shower theme. Many families might have a special piece of furniture or jewelry to pass down to the new mother. If there is no tradition, why not ask about the new mother's childhood to see if there was an event or hobby that could be turned into a unique theme?

Is the mommy-to-be a collector? You might consider using a baby shower theme that incorporates her favorite collectible. Be unique. Perhaps Beanie Babies are her thing or she collects figurines. She may love a type of animal. You might want to use the idea of the new mother's interest as a baby shower decoration, design a specialty cake, or build a table centerpiece in the shape of her favorite hobby.

Playing Baby Shower GamesPlaying Games

The choice of baby shower games can also help you to host a unique baby shower. Everyone loves prizes, and it is nice if all the guests can go home with something. Find plenty of games for laughs, and include the theme in how the games are played out. If the new mother loves horses, is there a game that could be adapted to include the animal?

Another idea for a unique baby shower is to include personalized games, like the baby shower game called Baby Mad Lib. Write a story about the mom-to-be or the baby. Omit some of the words with a blank space. Mark the blank space with words like "noun", "verb", "adjective" etc. Instruct the guests to fill in the blanks with the right type of word, and then have everyone read their story aloud. All the stories are sure to be different resulting in a unique baby shower experience.

The decor

The unique baby shower is an inch away from achievement when you consider all the choices a hostess for baby shower decorations. You don't have to settle for just the traditional any longer. Keeping it simple is best, but if you want a unique baby shower, dress up a few areas of the house or yard. Consider a canopy made out of streamers and balloons draping the gift area or the dessert table. Use scented candles to create a mood. Play the mother's favorite music.

Unique baby showers that include baby shower decorations, favors and games, take a lot of planning and imagination. Keep the fun in what you're doing and remember that special events are noted for the good times had. Don't forget that this is a happy time for you as well as the new mother and the guests as well.

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A Different Sort of Baby Shower

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A baby shower is a time of celebration, an event where friends and family gather to shower the mother-to-be with gifts she'll need for her new baby.

Choosing gifts to gift can be puzzling though, with all the selection on store shelves. If you're the one planning the event, you may also need some help with organizing and preparing for the party.

There are great ideas for themes, good information on useful gifts, and thoughts about touching keepsakes as party favors.