Are You Planning a Baby Shower?

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Personalized Baby GiftsUnique Baby Shower Gifts - Why Didn't I Think of That?

If you use your imagination, there is no reason why you couldn't come up with ideas for perfectly unique baby shower gifts. It also helps if you know the new mother's tastes and preferences; she will no doubt appreciate your efforts. Here are a few suggestions to help you get your selection of unique baby shower gifts underway.

Food can play a very important part in a baby shower theme. How about using food as an idea for unique baby shower gifts? Host a pot-luck shower and invite all the guests to bring their favorite healthy dish along with the recipe. Put all the recipes in a binder for the new mom to take home. A quick and easy meal book provides unique baby shower gifts, and it's an idea that keeps on giving. She'll be grateful for the simple, healthy meals to provide her family.

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Personalized baby shower gifts

Nothing is as special as shower gift ideas that have been personalized specifically for the new mother's baby. Unique baby shower gifts like this stand the test of time and will always be a popular choice. Anything you can think of can be personalized and can make an already special gift totally unique.

With a little research, create a mini-presentation about mom-to-be. Find out what she was like as a baby. Topics for your discussion include her habits, tantrums, and messiest moments. Accompany your presentation with pictures and include the photos and your notes in an album for a great gift. Take this a step further, and center the baby shower theme around memories experienced with the mom-to-be. Have guests write memories down and add them to the book. Give the finished product to mom. This is one of the unique baby shower gifts that the new mother can share it with her little ones.

HigAll parents love to share advice and tipsShare advice and tips

All parents love to share advice and tips. With a little creativity and cooperation from guests, you can give the mom-to-be unique baby shower gifts like parenting advice albums in a scrapbook style. Ask everyone you invite to write down the best parenting advice. Put all the quotes in a pretty book and label it for mom. She'll treasure this baby shower gift and find good use from the tips and hints.

Many new mothers opt to register with a gift registry. This does take the guesswork out of unique baby shower gift ideas and prevents family and friends from giving duplicates. However, truly unique baby shower gifts will not be on these lists, and most likely, items requested will be ones that are needed or preferred, leaving no room for creativity. That's okay, too. Go with what mom wants.

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A Different Sort of Baby Shower

For great ideas and helpful preparation tips on your baby shower event, click here:

Planning a party takes some thought and preparation for the event to go well. Baby showers take even more organization for the celebration to be a perfect one.

You'll need to prepare invitations, contact friends and family of the guest of honor, find a location, and plan games. Helping guests choose appropriate gifts the mother-to-be will appreciate is another aspect of a baby shower.

You'll want to select a theme and have great finger food for everyone. Think it sounds like too much trouble? Don't worry, it isn't.