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Best Baby PottiesChoosing the Best Baby Potties

Baby potties are a reality of every new parent's life. Countless hours will be spent sitting on the floor with the child, working through the trials and tribulations of training baby boys or girls to use the potty. These all-important tools can assist in making training easier, while the wrong baby potties can actually set potty training back. Therefore, it is important to consider your options and choose carefully.

Baby potties make excellent baby Christmas gifts. Many experts agree that one can never have too many baby potties, as one goal of training baby to use the toilet is to give the baby success experiences. In the early days of training, a potty will need to be available as soon as the child expresses the need to go, so having more baby potties will increase the chances of making it to the potty. Therefore, if you are searching for baby Christmas gifts, baby potties are always an appropriate choice. If you do not wish to buy a baby potty, potty training accessories such as books or dolls are also great baby Christmas gifts.

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What do the experts say?

There is a dizzying array of baby potties currently available on the market. Experts say that you should seek a model with firm back and thigh support. Arm rests or handles can also make the child feel more secure. If you select a standalone unit, make sure that there is an adequate splash guard and a removable bowl for easy cleaning. Some baby potties teach children to flush as well, using music as an incentive for pushing the handle.

Early baby potties were made from wood with a removable bowl under the seat. Many of them were uncomfortable and difficult to use. Today, baby potties are made from molded plastic, with bright colors and soft edges that conform to your child's body. Some parents still think that the plastic is uncomfortable and opt for potties made of more cushioned materials.

The trainer setThe trainer set

Another design idea that is quite popular in baby potties is the trainer seat. This seat snaps onto a traditional toilet, over the regular seat. The trainer seat is small and comfortable for a child. Better models include handles and even leg/foot rests. Most trainer seats snap into the toilet lid to get them out of the way for adult toilet use.

Toilet training baby boys can be a challenge. They might see their father or brothers standing at the toilet and wonder why they can't do that too. There is a product on the market that could help, and it is called the mini-urinal. The mini-urinal attaches to the front of the toilet and hangs low enough for a young boy to use, however, you will have to offer some explanations to your guests if you have only one bathroom. In the end, all that matters is your child's comfort so he or she can learn more easily. Baby potties need to be one that the child will actually use.

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