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Gifts Baby Parents Can Really UseGifts Baby Parents Can Really Use

Next time you find yourself in the market for baby gifts, why not eschew the beautiful but ultimately useless knickknacks and trinkets in favor of gifts baby's parents really need? Invariable baby showers are filled with mounds of adorable dolls, teddy bears, porcelain keepsake items and the like. While parents appreciate these gifts and they are cute to look at, gifts baby's parents can really use are highly appreciated as well.

So what sort of items could be considered gifts baby's parents really need? For first time parents, the easy answer is: almost everything. For those who are having their first baby, it is difficult, if not impossible, to think of every item that a new baby will need, let alone those devices that save time and energy for the parents. Practical gifts for new parents are extremely helpful.

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What's top of the list?

Bibs are at the top of the list of gifts baby's parents need. No matter how many bibs a baby has, there never seem to be enough. Babies spit up, drool and drop food from their mouths constantly. Bibs do not need to be expensive in order to be useful. Look for larger bibs of absorbent material, with Velcro fasteners rather than ties. Ties of any kind can be a choking hazard for babies and children.

Clothing for the new baby is high on the list of gifts baby will need. Children grow so quickly, and in no time, they've outgrown the cute little sets of clothes meant for newborns. If you buy clothes a little larger sized, the parents might be able to get more mileage out of the items.

Gifts for new parentsGifts for new parents

Gifts for new parents could include items for the baby's room. A category of gifts baby's parents could really use is equipment to save time and trouble in caring for the baby. All new parents need a diaper pail, for example. Choose one with an odor protection system that is also easy to remove the bags from. A popular choice is the Diaper Genie, however other systems are also available.

Baby booties are highly useful gifts baby's parents may not think of. It can be difficult to put socks on a squirming, crying baby, and shoes may be nearly impossible. Booties, particularly those that close with Velcro are easy to put on and will protect the baby's feet nearly as well as socks and shoes combined. Buy pretty, decorative booties for special occasions or plain and functional booties for everyday wear.

If you simply can't abide giving gifts for new parents that are purely functional and not at all "fun," then consider a diaper cake. Diaper cakes have become a hot new trend. A diaper cake resembles a traditional multi-layer cake with all the trimmings. However, the "cake" is actually made of dozens of diapers. Diaper cakes are generally decorated with traditional knickknacks or toys, from teddy bears to porcelain baby shoes. You can order a diaper cake online or make one yourself from instructions that are readily available on the internet.

There are many choices for gifts baby's parents could really use. If you have trouble deciding on just one item, create an infant gift basket. An infant gift basket can be based on a theme from bath time to potty training to sleepy time. Fill a container that matches the theme with appropriate and useful items. Pre-made infant gift baskets can also be purchased in stores or online.

First time parents have a lot to think about, and their list of gifts baby could use might not include everything on it. You could easily think of an item or gadget that would be a huge help on a daily basis and no doubt, the parents will thank you for it.

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Celebrate the new arrival with style.

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