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Back to Basics ToysBack to Basics Toys Better Than the Modern Marvels?

One of the big debates raging in modern society is whether back to basics toys are inherently better for children than the latest technological gadgets. Technology buffs argue that technology is a part of modern life and the sooner it is integrated into a child's life, the better prepared that child will be for the demands and rigors of the information age. However many experts now agree that back to basics toys are more appropriate, especially for younger children.

Back to basics toys are also called "active" toys. These toys require the child to make up their own games. Classic baby toys include building block, toy cars and trucks, dolls and puzzles, toys that don't have a computer chip in them to guide the child through a game by "talking" or moving automatically. These automated toys are also referred to as "passive" toys, because the child doesn't have to do anything except press a button to make the toys work.

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Classic baby toys

Examples of classic baby toys are many and varied. Building blocks and ride-on toys have been around for generations. Any toy that simulates household activities is classic and appropriate, such as a toy cooking set, toy tools or toy shopping cart. Music making devices such as toy pianos or guitars are also highly popular toys that help spark the imagination and are considered back to basics toys. Animal related toys such as play farms or animal sound machines are also excellent classic baby toys. Some form of fort, tunnel or other climbing and crawling spot is highly recommended as well.

When selecting back to basics toys, it is wise to consider the message that is being conveyed. For example, toy guns are highly popular classics. Many parents feel that there is nothing wrong with this, while others feel that toy guns send the message that gun violence is acceptable. If you are buying the toy for a child that is not your own, make sure that you get the parents' approval prior to purchasing any violence-oriented toy.

Tradition to baby giftsTradition to baby gifts

Along the same lines, it has always been the tradition to purchase baby boy gifts or baby girl gifts. Baby boy gifts fit the traditional masculine profile, such as guns and trucks and hammers, while baby girl gifts accentuated the traditional female roles with dolls, cooking equipment and housekeeping toys. Many parents are now against following those gender lines, eschewing baby boy gifts and baby girl gifts in favor of more gender-neutral presents. Others take the opposite approach, encouraging their boys to play with traditional "girl toys" and daughters to play with "boy toys." When purchasing baby gifts, be sure that you are sensitive to the parents' wishes in this regard.

Whether the child uses back to basics toys or the high-tech toys is up to the parents. There is no definitive answer. The best way is probably one where you balance out the two options. While it is important for today's children to familiarize themselves with modern technology, we have to remember that there is no replacement for an active imagination.

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When a new baby arrives, parents, family, and friends want to celebrate the birth with baby gifts. Being sure you're purchasing the right gift to stimulate the child, encourage creativity, and provide long-lasting play time is important.

Bright colors are great for opening up baby's world, and interactive possibilities allow growing children to appreciate toys through the first years. There are many different baby gifts available today, and plenty of those are designed based on child development.