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Trends in Baby GiftsHot New Trends in Baby Gifts

Traditionally, baby gifts given at a baby shower were practical items meant to help the new mother gather all the things she would need for the new arrival. Today, baby showers are more than that, and guests bring both practical and fun gifts for the new parents or baby.

If the baby shower is held before the baby's arrival and you do not what gender the child will be, you have numerous options for gender-neutral baby gifts. Many modern parents prefer these types of baby gifts in any case, as they feel that the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys is too restrictive and repressive.

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The diaper cake

A hot trend of the moment is the diaper cake. A diaper cake can be ordered online from a variety of sources or handmade. This multi-tiered cake is actually created from dozens of diapers, all of which are carefully rolled and packaged to be useful. The cake is then trimmed and decorated with a wide range of toys, dolls and/or decorative items. A good diaper cake is both beautiful and entirely useful.

Silver baby gifts have always been notorious but are now experiencing a true Renaissance as consumers discover the value of things that last the years. Investing in heirloom quality silver baby gifts may be expensive, but starting the heirloom collection of child to whom you are close may be worth the price. Silver baby spoons are especially popular. For a less pricey alternative, consider silver plate or coated stainless rather than sterling. A Google search will provide you hundreds of ideas for possible silver baby gifts.

Giving gifts to new parentsGiving gifts to new parents

Gifts for new parents sometimes include items to make the parents' lives a little easier. Diaper bag sets, strollers, layettes and other practical items are sometimes just what the parents need most. Consider whether practical gifts for new parents would be more appropriate than traditional baby gifts. Many parents would gladly trade that stuffed bear for a pack of diapers when they run out of diapers in the middle of the night.

Also popular today is the infant gift basket. Baby basket gifts run the gamut from toys and dolls to blankets and washcloths. Even disposable cameras in fashion prints are sometimes included in an infant gift basket. You could order an infant gift basket online or simply buy a pretty basket and fill it with appropriate baby basket gifts. You can purchase baby basket gifts from any level of store in any price range, making it easy to customize the basket to both the baby and your budget.

Many stores allow the new parents to register their wish list of baby gifts. With the use of computer databases, a national chain store can provide the new parents' registry in stores from one coast to another. If you're not sure if the couple has registered at a specific store, it is acceptable to ask. If they're not registered, you can ask a family member or the host of the baby shower what the couple might need. Whether the gifts are traditional or practical, the main thing is to make the new parents and the baby happy.

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Celebrate the new arrival with style.

If you're looking for baby gifts that will please both mother and child, we have everything you need right here:

The arrival of a new baby has parents, family, and friends rushing to purchase baby gifts to welcome the child into the world. It's important to select toys that encourage learning and development, and it's a nice thought to choose gifts that will become treasured keepsakes to be passed down through generations.

Many baby gifts are designed for those two purposes, but choosing the right baby gift can be difficult, with all the options available. To know more about the best choices in baby gifts created with the child's development in mind, this website is a good place to start.