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Baby Shower Invitations Invitation to a Joyful EventChanging Tables Are Important Nursery Item

Changing tables are the piece of baby furniture that probably gets the most use, other than the baby crib. It is the place where the parents take the baby anytime the diaper or the clothes need to be changed, so it becomes the center of the baby's world many times a day. Because it is so well-used, a changing table is one of the most important choices in baby furnishings that a parent will make.

The worst nightmare for a new mother is turning around from dealing with a two-handed mess to see that her newborn is about to roll off the table and onto the floor. A well designed changing table virtually eliminates that concern, with a combination of guard rails and safety straps to keep the little one out of harms way.

Even with the safety measures that are provided in baby changing tables, like guard rails and safety straps, the manufacturers of all tables caution that you should always keep one hand on the baby at all times, while the child is on the changing table. However, any mother or experienced babysitter for that matter, knows that there are times when it is simply a necessity to have both hands engaged in taking care of a messy matter. Even if it's only for a couple seconds, at least a new mother can have a degree of security knowing her infant has both safety straps and guard rails in place.

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Changing tables help to make diaper changes faster and easier

Changing tables help to make diaper changes faster and easier for the parents, and those that are well designed have several important features. They have a surface that is at just the right height for an adult to stand comfortably while chaining the infant. It also features spaces where the essentials, like diapers and wipes, can be accessed at arms length, so that the attention of the parent is never completely removed from the infant.

As with most quality baby furniture these days, a changing table serves more than just one simple function. Another hallmark of a well-designed table is that it provides drawers, cupboards and shelves the for essential items such as diapers, creams and ointments, washcloths, changing pads, essential clothing items and even bedding accessories. Having these things near at hand helps to assure that only one hand needs to venture away from the baby to get the supplies that are needed.

Making baby furniture blend inMaking baby furniture blend in

One trend in baby furnishings is making the furniture piece so that it can later blend into the decor of an older child's room or even for an adult. With this in mind, there are now tables that look like a more standard waist-high dresser with guard rails that can be removed when the item is no longer being used for its diaper changing function. Because good quality nursery baby furniture can be expensive, this is a good way to get extended use and value from an investment.

It is always a good idea to use a sturdy changing pad in conjunction with your changing table. Such a pad is soft and comfortable for the baby to lie on and most are contoured with edges that curve upward to keep the baby in place. These pads also have removable terry-cloth covers that make them easy to keep clean and they are available at any retail store that sells baby bedding accessories.

Many parents choose changing tables that are part of baby furniture sets, which allows them to have a number of matching furniture pieces in the nursery. For those who are on a tight budget, shopping for used baby furniture or discount baby furniture can often save the new parents a great deal of money. Just watch for the brand names that are known for quality and enjoy the savings.

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Baby Furniture That Is Necessary

Let's just get this out of the way: you are going to need baby furniture for when the baby arrives.

The couch, adult bed and dining room table are not going to cut it and you will have to buy some furniture designed with baby in mind.

Some brands are very expensive. Some are pretty cheap. The goal is to find furniture that can transition from the baby stage into furniture that can be used later.