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Baby Bath Makes Bathtime More EnjoyableBaby Bath Makes Bathtime More Enjoyable

When thinking about bath time with the baby, most people remember good times of fun and bonding. Unfortunately, there are usually also memories of those difficult bath times that were filled with tears and frustrations. To help keep bathing fun and safe, baby bath seats and tubs can help assure that bathing times with the baby are positive and enjoyable.

You can purchase baby bathtubs in a number of different styles, designs, sizes and colors to match the other baby furniture accessories that you have for your nursery. You will be able to use it to bathe your infant as he grows, until he is big enough to be able to safely use the adult-size bathtub.

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Keeping your baby safe

Some baby bath models are designed with special curves and contours to help support the baby safely and keep him from slipping. Many baby baths also incorporate a backrest and headrest for added support and to help keep the baby comfortable, while allowing you to have your hands free for washing duties.

Such baby bathtub features help keep the baby from wriggling, as you try to wash him, which is both safer for the baby and easier on the parent. Another safety feature found in some baby bathes is a special substance in the material of the tiny tub, that changes color in case the water you are putting in the bath is too hot.

Sometimes, the bathroom can be the coldest and draftiest room in the house. One of the benefits of the portable infant bath models is that you can use them in a number of settings. You can use them in the standard size bathtub, but you can also place it on the floor, on changing tables or on countertops. This is often helpful to the parent who wants to avoid straining their back by trying to lean over the full-size tub.

One unigue baby bathtubOne unigue baby bathtub

One unique model of a baby bathtub features a wide rim and it is designed to fit snugly and securely over a standard adult bathtub. This style also has a plug in the bottom to easily drain the water from the baby tub into the main tub. You want to be sure that any model of the type you choose is very sturdy and will properly fit your tub. It is a good idea to carry various measurements with you when shopping for any kind of baby furniture accessories.

One of the advantages of this style of bath is that it eliminates the need to slosh around the house with a filled baby tub or with buckets of water. They can also be used on the floor, but are not as portable as the smaller baby baths. However, with this model, you can have bath time with an infant and a toddler at the same time as there is room in the full-size bath for the toddler while using the baby tub-top bath.

On a note of caution, there have been many tragic incidents in which babies have drowned while in some type of baby bath tub. Experts warn that even though these devices are designed to offer a degree of safety, by assisting the parent to handle a squirming baby at bath time, none of them are intended as a safety device. A baby should never be left alone in water for even a moment. Many baby store online retailers provide detailed safety information that parents should take the time to review.

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Baby Furniture That Is Necessary

Let's just get this out of the way: you are going to need baby furniture for when the baby arrives.

The couch, adult bed and dining room table are not going to cut it and you will have to buy some furniture designed with baby in mind. Some brands are very expensive.

Some are pretty cheap. The goal is to find furniture that can transition from the baby stage into furniture that can be used later.